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Who is the TPMA?

Founded in March 2001, the Toronto Product Management Association is a non-profit, volunteer-managed organization formed to facilitate a fun and exciting learning environment with mentoring and networking opportunities for Product Managers and Product Marketers in the high-tech industry.

With over 100 members, and a weekly reach of over 1500 Product Managers, we are one of North America’s largest and longest-standing Product Management organizations. Our exposure reaches both large and small firms, established corporations through to cutting-edge startups, and represents a full range of high technology software, hardware and services products.

What do we do?

The TPMA organizes and hosts various events throughout the year that provide opportunities for continuing education and networking. We also host a targeted online conversation platform, a resource repository, Mentorship program, ProductCamp Toronto and more...

Through all of these efforts, the TPMA creates a globally visible and valuable community that promotes, reflects and enhances the high-tech Product Management profession in Toronto and surrounding regions.

Benefits to Annual Members

Members are exposed to leading speakers and workshops from across North America on what matters to Product Managers in all phases of their career. They gain priority access to our events, as well as access and repeated contact with a focused network of career professionals in an engaging and active networking environment.

Higher Productivity:

Product Managers learn and exchange ideas with their peers and experts in the industry making them more successful in their day-to-day jobs. Each event is crafted to add to our members’ understanding of real-world understanding to successful product management

Increased Visibility:

As your staff network with other product managers in the community, your company becomes known as a forward thinking organization likely to attract top talent

Better Decisions:

Speakers and many members of the TPMA are thought leaders and experts in their fields. Your product managers can access their thinking, gain their advice and see the state of the art across many industries. Seeing the bigger picture means better and more innovative decisions.

Culture of Learning:

Membership in the TPMA exposes product managers to value of lifelong learning. Members take back these lessons and help drive positive change in your company.

For Members who are just starting in their careers, our events provide access to special employment announcements by leading GTA companies, educational opportunities, and latest market and toolset information.

In addition, our personalized Mentorship program helps fast-track your career by pairing you up with a seasoned Product Manager who can coach you through real-life position challenges in confidential and timely peer-to-peer conversations.

For Members who are senior career Product Managers, we provide a refresh and reveal on the most up-to-date Product Management practices; opportunities to develop & demonstrate integrity, consistency, and creativity; and peer-to-peer discussions on the effectiveness of Product Management techniques, the management of Product Managers, and “next step” career strategies and tactics.

Benefits for Students

Students studying to enter the Product Management profession find a different value from a TMPA membership:

  • discounted membership pricing
  • *valuable, practical, "real-world” perspective
  • helping students network into new opportunities
  • providing mentoring and career guidance
  • promoting your school’s executive education programs
  • foundation for a long-term focused personal brand building
  • demonstrates a commitment to product management

Program Details

Annual Membership:

Length: 1 Year Cost: $100

*Note: If you attended the previous event as a paid Guest, and wish to obtain an Annual Membership, please contact us at to have your paid Guest payment applied as a credit towards your Annual Membership.

Student Membership:

Length: 1 Year Cost: $50* (*must be currently registered with a recognized University or College, using your university or college email address )

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Other Programs

For companies that have people who regularly attend TPMA events, we also provide a Corporate Membership package. This membership level has several additional advantages for a company.

To find out more about Corporate Memberships please contact

To find out more about Sponsorship opportunities, please contact

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