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We promote your organization to Canada's largest high-tech business hub.

The Toronto Product Management Association broadcasts your message to more than 1500 key influencers and decision-makers in the local tech community for a great price!

We offer long-term, targeted exposure to Canada's largest high-tech product management and product marketing community with:

  • Recognition at monthly events
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Digital promotion via TPMA channels

Let us help you:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Find key staff members
  • Promote new tools and methodologies
  • "Pay it Forward": by promoting a corporate social responsibility that gives back to, and grows, your own industry

The TPMA connects you with product managers, marketers, owners, engineers, brand managers, business analysts, sales and human resources professionals. We help demonstrate your thought leadership in the industry.

Sponsorship Plans

The standard sponsorship period runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. We also have select, targeted opportunities that arise every season. If you are an organization that offers products or services of particular interest to Product Managers, we would be eager to find out more about your organization and how we can help promote you:

Silver Sponsorship Package $500 CAD:

  • prominent display of your brand (logos, description, links) on
  • acknowledgement of support at every TPMA event
  • TPMA Membership for one named individual from your organization, including free access to our standard events for the year

Gold Sponsorship Package $1000 CAD:

  • prominent display of your brand (logos, description, links) on
  • acknowledgement of support at every TPMA event
  • TPMA Membership for two named individuals from your organization, including free access to our standard events for the year
  • 1 dedicated email to TPMA contact list per season

Platinum Sponsorship Package (limit three per season) $1500 CAD:

  • prominent display of your brand (logos, description, links) on
  • acknowledgement of support at every TPMA event
  • TPMA Membership for three named individuals from your organization, including free access to our standard events for the year
  • AND any two of the following:
    • promotion of your own sponsored event
    • additional two named individuals as TPMA Members
    • 2 dedicated emails to TPMA contact list per season
    • additional sponsorship at one event (Mentorship Program Launch, Summer Social, etc. - excluding Product Camp)
    • ownership of one of the monthly member events during the year* which includes proposing a relevant topic and providing a guest speaker for the event (* topics must be targeted to issues relevant to our membership, and cannot be direct promotions for products or services. Topics and content will be pre-screening by the TPMA executive.)

The TPMA Commercial Sponsorship program targets vendors of products or services of interest to Product Managers. This program helps defray costs and gives our membership inside access to leading technologies, best practices and Product Management thought leaders.

To find out more about Commercial Sponsorship or to become a Sponsor, please contact

Who is the TPMA?

Founded in March 2001, the Toronto Product Management Association is a non-profit, volunteer-managed organization formed to facilitate a fun and exciting learning environment with mentoring and networking opportunities for Product Managers and Product Marketers in the high-tech industry.

With over 120 members, and a weekly reach of over 1500 Product Managers, we are one of North America’s largest and longest-standing Product Management organisations. Our exposure reaches both large and small firms, established corporations through to cutting-edge startups, and represents a full range of high technology software, hardware and services products.

What do we do?

The TPMA organizes and hosts various events throughout the year that provide opportunities for continuing education and networking. We also host a targeted online conversation platform, a resource repository, Mentorship program, ProductCamp Toronto and more...

Through all of these efforts, the TPMA creates a globally visible and valuable community that promotes, reflects and enhances the high-tech Product Management profession in Toronto and surrounding regions.

Who does the TPMA reach?

If your organization sells to Product Managers, or those responsible for some part of the Product Management role, then you will have direct access to your ideal target users.

As of 2018, the TPMA has over 120 members (more than 50% increase since 2016!), another 450 people who have come out to our events at least once in the last 5 years, 1200 people we reach via our LinkedIn group, and a total of over 1500 Product Management and Product Marketing professionals who receive our weekly newsletters and event announcements.

An estimated 20% of our audience is focused in the Financial Services industry, while Telecommunications, Healthcare, Retail, and Publishing / DMR each hold between 5% to 10% of our audience. The remaining industry professionals are involved in organizations that service multiple industries: 30% of our total audience can be categorized as working for companies providing “Mixed IT Services”, while 10% focus on providing Marketing Analytics.

...and how do we reach them?

Our members and guests interact with the TPMA via our monthly & special events, twice weekly email event announcements, email newsletter (featuring blogs, opportunities), Mentorship meetings, and our LinkedIn group.

The TPMA has organised and hosted more than 175 monthly events since inception, all focused on a captive audience of high-tech Product Marketing professionals. These generally occur in the evening on the last Tuesday of the month at Metro Hall in downtown Toronto. The venue is easily accessible by transit and car.

Some of the recent sessions covered topics on:

  • Onboarding your CEO
  • Sustaining - Not Hacking - Growth
  • Culture Change Management for Agile Transformation
  • Grow Your Product Management Career: What Skills Do You Need?
  • Omnichannel KPIs: Best Practices for improving Customer Experience
  • How to succeed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Jobs to be Done: Product Management at

You can learn more about upcoming events on the TPMA website:

Some of the other activities and tools the TPMA offers our members include:

  • ProductCamp Toronto: an unconference on software product management
  • Mentorship Program: pairing experienced Product Managers to those just entering the profession
  • TPMA Linkedin group: a place to network with a global audience of product managers
  • Member Repository: previous event videos and presentations, further information of interest to Product Managers

How we use your Financial Support

The TPMA is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organization. All funds received through event attendance by guests, annual memberships, and sponsorships are greatly appreciated and only used for the continual operation of the organization to the sole benefit of the members. Your generous contributions are applied to a range of expenses incurred in the administration of the TPMA that funds received from attendance and membership dues do not completely cover, including but not limited to:

  • fixed costs related to the continuing operation of the organization including such expenses as corporation registration, financial account costs, website hosting and maintenance, and more...
  • variable costs associated with events such as: venue rentals, meals, equipment rentals, supplies such as consumable office supplies (name tags, stationery), printing expenses, speaker gifts, giveaways, and more...

These are activities which in turn attract more members, drive higher activity in the community, and thus increase the exposure for our sponsors.

To find out more about Sponsorship or to become a Sponsor, please contact us at

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