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Upcoming Events

    • 27 Sep 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Hybrid: In-person @ Q4 Inc. 469A King St W or Online - Zoom details will be sent in a reminder before the event

    This event is open to everyone! TPMA is now free to join. In person attendance will cost $10 to cover costs and online participation is free. 

    Placing bets in uncertain times

    Join our guest John Cutler for a product way finding fireside chat.

    The foggier the macro environment the greater the chance to end up on the wrong end of a growing bet. What is needed to make our way through the economic uncertainty and achieve optimal and best possible business outcomes? Let’s discuss the tools of the trade to wrangle ambiguity, build alignment and gain momentum. 

    John Cutler is currently a product evangelist at Amplitude where interacts with diverse product teams and product leaders from around the world. There are few people in the world that have this kind of exposure, and if you follow John's writing over the last couple years I'm sure you can see the influence of this perspective. He has a background in product management and UX research, including B2B SaaS companies Zendesk, Pendo, and AppFolio, and before that B2C, ad-tech, banking, and media. John is a prolific (or some might say obsessive) writer, with almost a thousand posts spread across various newsletters, blogs,and Medium. His current newsletter is called The Beautiful Mess, and this title captures what John often focuses on -- the messy overlaps and patterns of product.

Past Events

14 Jun 2022 TPMA Talk with Moe Ali: What Makes a Product Successful? A Successful Product Strategy
14 Jun 2022 On-line: Annual Members Meeting (AGM) 2022
31 May 2022 TPMA Spring Social
26 Apr 2022 TPMA Talk with Jake Hite: The Whole Solution - Product, Services & Kibbitzing
29 Mar 2022 TPMA Talk: Building your infinite game and learning to fail gracefully in pursuit of excellence
22 Feb 2022 Product Operations - Time to Get on the Train!
25 Jan 2022 TPMA Talk with Ravi Mehta - What is your current shape? A PMs guide to grow themselves and their team
26 Oct 2021 TPMA Talk with Heidi Ram - The Roadmap to Your Career
28 Sep 2021 TPMA Talk with Paul Teshima - From Start-up to Unicorn
25 May 2021 Online: Getting to the Executive Suite in Product Management
27 Apr 2021 Online Workshop: Product Sense + Design for Product Managers
30 Mar 2021 Online: Panel Discussion on Product Management in Canadian FinTechs
23 Feb 2021 Online: How Design Sprints Help You Solve Customer Problems
26 Jan 2021 Online: The Product Management Challenges for AI and Data Science
16 Dec 2020 2021 Mentorship Program Kick-Off
24 Nov 2020 Online: Customer Interviewing & Jobs-To-Be-Done - The Practical Stuff Rarely Taught
27 Oct 2020 Online: Advice from the scrum – Lessons learned for building high performance agile teams
29 Sep 2020 Online: Welcome to your new world!
23 Jun 2020 On-line: Annual Members Meeting (AGM) with Special Guest, Diane Pierson from Pragmatic Institute
26 May 2020 Online: Building Highly Accountable Teams in Times of Crisis
12 May 2020 Online: Design Thinking in Product Management
28 Apr 2020 Online: Prioritize Product Launch Resources Through Release Types
14 Apr 2020 Online Event: Best Practices in Pricing B2B Software and SaaS
31 Mar 2020 Online Event: AI for Product Managers
10 Mar 2020 Mississauga - Betting the Farm: How your approach to Product Management changes when it's all on the line
25 Feb 2020 Metrics for Product Managers
22 Feb 2020 ProductCamp Toronto Schulich 2020
28 Jan 2020 A Fireside Chat with Latif Nanji, Co-founder, CEO at Roadmunk
26 Nov 2019 How Product Management takes an active role in Technical Agility
05 Nov 2019 Product Leaders Executive Breakfast
29 Oct 2019 That Went Fine, Didn’t It? Make Your Next Meeting Your Best Meeting Yet
19 Oct 2019 ProductCamp Toronto 2019
24 Sep 2019 Right Data, Right Product: Turning User Insights into Product Success
16 Jul 2019 Product Leaders Executive Breakfast
28 May 2019 The Journey to Product Leadership: A Career Development Panel
30 Apr 2019 Win/Loss Power Tools: A New Model for Unlocking Buyer Insights
24 Apr 2019 Product Leaders Executive Breakfast
26 Mar 2019 Managing product teams at scale in an Agile environment
26 Feb 2019 Conversational Interface - Preparing for AI Voice Products
29 Jan 2019 How far would you go? Go Further. Putting empathy at the heart of everything.
04 Dec 2018 2019 Mentorship Program kick-off
27 Nov 2018 Maybe We Should Be Problem Managers
30 Oct 2018 Is Omni Dead?
25 Sep 2018 Intellectual Property and Products
14 Jul 2018 Product Camp Toronto 2018
20 Jun 2018 2018 TPMA Summer Social
29 May 2018 Design Communication in Product Management
24 Apr 2018 Onboarding your CEO
27 Mar 2018 Sustaining - Not Hacking - Growth
27 Feb 2018 Culture Change Management for Agile Transformation
30 Jan 2018 Grow Your Product Management Career: What Skills Do You Need? Onsite at

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