Mentorship Program

The TPMA Mentorship Program is designed to connect local product management professionals and individuals looking to start their product management careers or to enrich their knowledge of the profession. The relationship between mentors and mentees is viewed as a professional one-on-one partnership and both parties are expected to give time and energy to make the partnership work. Since its initial launch in 2011, the TPMA Mentorship Program has been a fun and rewarding way to learn and share experiences with like-minded local professionals.

How does it work?

TPMA pairs interested mentors and mentees together for a 1-on-1 mentoring experience. During the program kick-off presentation, TPMA will introduce both parties and provide the recommended framework for the program. Mentors and mentees are expected to discuss and agree on goals and process before the program starts. The program runs once a year between December and June lasting 6 months. Mentors and mentees are expected to have at least one meeting per month and commit to ongoing constructive communication both ways, which is essential to the successful completion of the program. TPMA supports both mentors and mentees with check-in surveys every two months as well as program coordinators who are always available to help.

2021 - 2022 Program Dates

  • September 29, 2021: Registration opens
  • November 30, 2021: Registration closes
  • December 03, 2021: Mentors/mentees matching process complete
  • December 08, 2021: Program kick-off meeting
  • December 08, 2021  -  January 14, 2022: Participants have completed first meeting and individual goals are confirmed
  • January 17, 2022  -  June 30, 2022: Active mentoring, participants are expected to meet at least once per month
  • March 15, 2022: Mid-point survey 
  • June 30, 2022: Final survey and wrap up

Information for Mentees


  • Learn from experienced product managers
  • Learn about the product management profession
  • Accelerate your product management career
  • Build your network

Role of the Mentee

When you join TPMA Mentorship Program, you gain insights and connections that can help to gain new perspectives and accelerate your career. Your mentor will share personal experiences, offer advice, and answer complex questions. Mentees need to be proactive in their role:

  1. Establish constructive communication: clarify to yourself first and then your mentor during your first meeting where you are in your career and what your goals are for the duration of the program.
  2. Actively lead the program directions and discussions: maintain contact with your mentor and be prompt in responding. It is important that you do your own research, develop questions for your mentor and agendas for meetings.
  3. Maintain a professional etiquette: remember that mentors are volunteers. Respect the mentor’s time and contribution to the program, keep their personal information confidential and use proper business etiquette. Do not ask or pressure mentors for job placements.

Information for Mentors


  • Build tomorrow’s community of successful product management professionals
  • Stay connected with local professional community
  • Give back to the community and help shape the future of product management as a discipline
  • Meet new people and make new friends

Role of the Mentor

As a mentor, you provide support and career guidance to product managers or soon-to-be product managers who will benefit from your unique experience and skills. Sharing your knowledge will open mentees’ eyes, and play a crucial role in building a dynamic, enduring local community of professional product managers. Your wisdom and experience could make a significant positive impact on your mentee’s career

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the program requirements?

Only paid TPMA members can be a Mentee. Full annual membership is required (student membership is not eligible). Preference in matching will be given to members who are currently working in a Product Manager role. You can become a member of TPMA at

2. Who are the Mentors?

Product Management professionals with at least 3 years of relevant experience

3. Can I define my own goals and plan of action?

Absolutely. It is up to you and your program partner to make it work

4. How do I apply?

Please submit your application for the 2021-2022 program here:

5. How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

TPMA tries to match Mentors and Mentees together so that they will receive the most value out of the relationship. Both Mentors and Mentees may provide information on certain considerations they’d like to take into account when being paired.


  • Both parties are expected to maintain confidentiality at all times and absolutely avoid disclosure of any personal information outside the one-on-one discussions
  • TPMA Execs will never reveal any of personal information of Mentorship Program participants to other members participating in the program without previous consent. Only emails are provided to both Mentors and Mentees

If you have a question that has not been addressed in this list, please contact the program coordinator at

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